Tuesday - April 23, 2024 - Too many eggs, too few baskets

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I’ve been burned by the Vancouver Canucks many times. Before buckling down and getting a temporary Sportsnet subscription, I hadn’t watched a ton of recent games for very obvious reasons. I’m still skeptical—to say the least—that this year won’t end in agony, since that’s how every previous season has ended. And I wasn’t sure how emotionally committed I would be when the puck dropped for Sunday’s game. Then I spent the rest of the night alternating between increasingly loud moans of despair and yells of joy.

My head says one thing. My heart says another. And if none of it makes a lick of sense to a non-sports person, well that’s OK. It doesn’t make sense to me either.

On Saturday, we published an interview with Kenneth Jackson, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network reporter, who broke the news last week that four local Elders were owed hundreds of thousands of dollars by their band. Members can read that interview here. You can support our journalism and become a member here.

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Why BC’s egg industry is pushing for more hens outside of the Fraser Valley

BC’s egg industry is trying to increase the number of hens outside of the chicken-rich Fraser Valley. 📷 Mai.Chayakorn/Shutterstock

It’s time for BC to stop keeping all its eggs in one Fraser Valley basket.

Home to more than 2.6 million laying hens, the Fraser Valley has long been the epicentre for BC’s egg industry. In some ways, that has made the egg industry more efficient—allowing farmers easier access to some of the biggest distributors of BC eggs. But it has also created concerns about BC’s egg security, particularly after the 2021 flood.

Now, BC’s egg marketing board wants to introduce more producers to other parts of the province. They’ve already begun.


Need to Know

🔥 A fire damaged four homes and injured three residents in Aldergrove Saturday [Aldergrove Star]

🏒 Attendance at Abbotsford Canucks games dipped this year [Abbotsford News]

⚕ A new urgent and primary care centre opened in Mission [Mission Record]

👍 A Langley man credits local hospital staff for saving his life and allowing him to meet his new granddaughter [Langley Advance Times]

🚔 A man in Chilliwack died in police custody following his arrest on a busy downtown street [Chilliwack Progress]

Highway 1 will be closed north of Boston Bar for an entire day next week [Hope Standard]

🚒 Abbotsford will be hiring dozens of paid on-call firefighters this year [Fraser Valley Today]

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Preserving, Maintaining, and Enhancing Trails

Abbotsford Tech District is committed to building up not out to enable more open space lands for habitats, trails and recreation.

They're working with stakeholders to preserve, maintain, and enhance trails, so developing the Tech District will result in more trails, not less.

The Agenda

Chilliwack’s school district is buying a new wheelchair accessible school bus. 📷 Annette Shaff/Shutterstock

Chilliwack school district buys a new school bus, upgrades school kitchens

The Chilliwack School District recently learned which capital projects the province will be supporting in the next school year. The projects include new kitchen equipment for 16 schools, building envelope upgrades for three schools, HVAC upgrades for three schools, and a $410,000 roofing upgrade for Mount Slesse Middle School. It also includes a new bus route.

According to the district, there has been an increased demand for wheelchair accessible buses on both the north and south sides of the community. The district will try to meet that need with a new 34-passenger bus. The vehicle has a base cost of $150,000, wheelchair lifts and track seating cost extra. (The province said it would pay for a bus that had two wheelchair spaces.) The new route’s specifics will be announced after registrations for the 2024-2025 school year are complete, but the district said it will “allow us to maintain a more balanced schedule and ensure students arrive at school on time.” The Current wrote about the Fraser Valley’s school bus system in 2023.

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