Langley shootings: what we know

Two men have been killed after a Monday morning shooting in Langley, and two more are injured. This story will be updated throughout the day.

By Fraser Valley Current Staff | July 25, 2022 |9:13 am

Update: Thursday, July 28, 10:30am

The Integrated Homicide Team has identified the two men who were killed during Monday’s shootings in Langley.

Paul David Wynn, 60, was shot and killed in Langley during Monday’s traumatic shootings. 📸 IHIT

Paul David Wynn, aged 60, was killed outside of Creek Stone Place in the early hours of Monday morning. His family told the IHIT team that he was “the poster child of the family, he worked so hard for everything he had.”

Steven Furness, 43, was shot and killed in Langley during Monday’s traumatic shootings. 📸 IHIT

Steven Furness, aged 43, was killed at the Langley bus loop. His family shared this message: “Hopefully Steven’s tragic death will put a spotlight on the plight of the homeless and vulnerable in society. Love from your family.”

Two others were injured in the shooting: a man and a woman, both 26-years-old. The woman remains in critical condition in hospital. The man suffered a gunshot wound to the leg, and remains in hospital as well.

IHIT is continuing to investigate, and said they are still working on possible motives for the suspected shooter, Jordan Daniel Goggin, who was shot and killed by police on Monday.

The homicide team released surveillance images of Goggin, showing he changed outfits at least once during the shooting. IHIT is still looking for more potential witnesses. Anyone with information can contact homicide investigators at 1-877-551-IHIT (4448) or by email at

Update: Monday, July 25, 8:15pm

Langley residents who have been affected by Monday’s shooting are invited to a community outreach event being hosted by the Langley RCMP victim services team tomorrow (Tuesday, July 26).

The informal event will give members of the community an opportunity to meet with both the Langley RCMP and IHIT victim services teams, as well as crisis counsellors, community liaison officers, and other organizations. There will be no speeches, and no media availability.

The event is taking place at Nickomekl Elementary (20050 53 Ave.) between 3pm and 8pm on Tuesday, July 26. 

Update: Monday, July 25, 5:40pm

Homicide investigators have identified the suspect in Monday’s Langley shootings as 28-year-old Jordan Daniel Goggin.

Investigators said the decision was made to released the suspect’s identity to help officers “further identify witnesses and advance the investigation.”

Goggin was from Surrey and previously known to police, but had “non-criminal contact” with officers. The 28-year-old was shot by police at the Langley Bypass on Monday morning, where he died at the scene.

The Independent Investigations Office is now reviewing the police shooting.

IHIT is looking to speak with anyone who had contact with Goggin or has information about him.

Anyone who can assist with the investigation can contact homicide investigators at 1-877-551-IHIT (4448) or by email at

Update: Monday, July 25, 4:15pm

During a Monday afternoon press conference Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth called the last month “unsettling” in relation to the number of incidents related to gun violence across BC.

“We’ve witnessed gun violence in public spaces, in broad daylight in different parts of the province,” he said. “This senseless act of violence is extremely disturbing and completely unacceptable.”

Reporters questioned the use of the province’s emergency alert system by BC RCMP in relation to Monday’s shootings in Langley and whether it was issued at the appropriate time and with enough information.

Farnworth said the way in which the alert system was used will be reviewed, but he believes police made the best decisions with the information they had.

Details about the weapon used by the shooter was not released, but Farnworth said that information will likely be made available after officers have completed their investigations.

One of the victims from Monday’s shootings was killed near a supportive housing facility in Langley. The minister was asked how the province is protecting vulnerable populations who may not have received Monday’s emergency alert.

Farnworth didn’t provide a clear response but said the province is always learning.

“There’s always reviews done in terms of ensuring what lessons can be learned,” he said. “The use of alerts is one way of assuring that people know what is going on, at the same time there are other methods and ways of communicating and connecting people…so there’s a variety of ways in which the police will respond.”

The minister didn’t provide any specific examples of other communication methods.

Update: Monday, July 25, 4pm

At this point, we know several things for sure about the Langley shooting that took the lives of several people Monday morning.

Four people were shot between midnight and 5:45am on Monday, July 25. Two of those people, both men, were found dead on the scene. One was found near Creek Stone Place, a supportive housing facility in downtown Langley; and another at the Langley bus loop, near Logan Avenue and Glover Road. A woman was left in critical condition because of her injuries and remained in Langley Memorial Hospital as of Monday afternoon. Another man was shot in the leg near the Langley Bypass, where the suspect was killed by police.

In total, the shootings unfolded over roughly six hours and took place in five separate locations (although two were located close together near the Langley Bypass).

After the shooting was over, an emergency alert was issued to people in the area around Langley City. That included residents as far away as Chilliwack, Vancouver, and even Vancouver Island.

Reporters at a Monday afternoon briefing asked the RCMP why the emergency alert was issued after the shooting was over. The answer was not clear.

“The alert was done at the appropriate time as the information became known to us and a proper risk assessment was done,” Sgt. David Lee, of the homicide team, said during the briefing.

This is only the second time the BC RCMP issued an emergency alert like this. The first was in November 2021, when an active shooter with a long gun targeted an RCMP detachment in Vanderhoof.

Chief Superintendent Ghalib Bhayani said the alert was issued because of the unpredictable nature of the shooting, and the potential for serious risk to the public. The public alert was officially rescinded at 3:30pm on Monday.

The first emergency alert said the incident involved “transient victims,” which many news outlets took to mean members of the homeless community. RCMP clarified during the briefing that transient meant “in many different places” and not necessarily just people who were homeless. However, homeless advocate Kim Snow told outlets like Global News, CBC, and the Langley Advance Times that at least some of the victims were homeless. The Langley Advance Times interviewed several people who were homeless in the area at the time of the shooting, who said the shooting was a continuation of the harassment they already endure living on the street.

Speculation was rampant on social media about the motive behind the shootings. IHIT has explicitly said that it is still too soon to know what the motive was for the Langley shootings. RCMP are currently interviewing the suspect’s family.

Police did say the shooting was targeted, although it’s not clear what the relationship was between the suspect and the victims. The suspect was known to police before Monday’s incident, but RCMP wouldn’t say if his previous history had any impact on his actions.

The identity of both the victims and the suspect are known to the police, but have not yet been released.

A provincial update is expected at 4:15pm.

Update: Monday, July 25, 1pm

Langley RCMP are currently providing an update on the shooting this morning outside the Langley RCMP detachment. Global News is sharing the press conference live.

Langley City Mayor Val van den Broek spoke first, choking up once during her statement.

“We had a tragedy this morning in our neighbourhoods,” she said. “This was an isolated incident as far as we know, and we are doing everything we can to help people.”

“We are strong, we’ll get through this. We’ve been through lots before,” she added. “But we need to be kinder and we need to work together. And I can see the community coming together to work through this.”

She noted that counselling is available through Langley Memorial Hospital for anyone affected by the incident.

Chief Superintendent Ghalib Bhayani confirmed that four people were shot by what was believed to be a lone gunman. A woman remains in critical condition at hospital. A man was shot in the leg near the Langley Bypass and 200th Street. Two other men were found dead. Shots may have been fired in closed or unoccupied businesses.

Police killed the suspect, who was wounded near the Langley Bypass. That part of the incident is now subject to an investigation by IIO. IHIT is investigating the deaths and injuries to victims.

The emergency alert that was issued this morning was only the second sent out by the BC RCMP. The first was issued in 2021 during a shooting in Vanderhoof. Supt. Bhayani said the was alert issued because it was an active threat with significant risk of serious harm to members of the public, and there were major challenges to the initial police response. Information was also made available to provide clear direction to the public on what action to take.

Mayor van den Broek said the alert was important because the people in Langley City are not necessarily all from Langley City. “It was heartbreaking to read that announcement. I almost feel like I’m still in shock over it, that this happened in Langley City,” she said. “As long as it alerted people and kept people safe, I think it’s a good thing.”

The investigation is ongoing, but police believe there isn’t any further threat to the public.

“I recognize that this type of violence… is both shocking and upsetting,” said Sgt. David Lee from IHIT. “IHIT will be working to determine why this occurred.”

Although early reports said the victims were “transient,” RCMP now say that it was the incident that was transient and not necessarily the people who were shot. However, homeless advocate in Langley Kim Snow told other outlets that at least two of the victims were homeless. RCMP would not confirm if some of the victims were vulnerable people.

Lee said the shooting was targeted, but it’s not clear what the relation was between the shooter and the victims.

RCMP said forensics investigations are still ongoing, and that police are processing the scenes for more information, including the connection between the shooter and the victims. The victims and the suspect have been identified, but RCMP are not releasing that information yet. The suspect was known to police.

Although a police car was seen with bullet holes in the windshields, police would not confirm if the suspect shot at the RCMP.

RCMP said it is too early to discuss the potential motive for the shooting.

RCMP are asking witnesses to contact Langley RCMP or IHIT if they have any information.

The timeline for the shooting showed that the event began at midnight, although the emergency alert wasn’t issued until just after 6am. There were at least five separate scenes in the shooting. (After the briefing, The Current will go through the timeline and get more details on when each incident happened.)

Police are expected to give another update later today or in the days to come.

Update: Monday, July 25, 12pm

RCMP have confirmed that four people were shot on Monday morning in Langley, and two of them have died. The suspect was also shot and killed by police. The province’s anti-gang agency (CFSEU-BC) confirmed to The Current the shootings were not gang related.

Two men were killed by the shooter. One was found near Creekstone Place, a supportive housing facility near 200th Street in downtown Langley. Another man was found at the Langley City bus loop.

Two others were injured:. A woman, who was found near 203A Street and Fraser Highway, was taken to hospital in critical condition. Another person was in serious condition.

Police say there were reports of shots being fired into closed or unoccupied businesses during the morning incident.

The suspect was killed by the RCMP during the incident, after an officer fired their weapon, which hit the man. Earlier, Langley RCMP said they had the suspect in custody. The Independent Investigations Office, which looks into police-related injuries and deaths, is now investigating. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is also conducting a concurrent investigation.

This information is included in a release from the BC RCMP, which is not yet available on its website. The Current’s information was taken from tweets by Vancouver Sun journalist Kim Bolan sharing the release. The story will be updated when the full release is online.

Langley RCMP will be holding a press conference at 1pm today to update the public on the incident and the status of the investigations. More updates will be published at that time.

Original story: Monday, July 25, 9:30am

At least one person has died after multiple early morning shootings in Langley today (Monday, July 25).

An emergency alert was sent out at 6:30am this morning, warning people of “multiple shooting scenes” in the downtown core, and one incident in the Township of Langley. The alert said the shootings targeted “transient individuals”—people experiencing homelessness in the Langley area.

Shortly after 7am, Langley RCMP said they had  arrested a suspect connected with the shootings: a Caucasian man with dark hair who was wearing Carhartt overalls and a blue-green camo shirt. Police said he was connected to a white vehicle, but did not specify the make and model in their releases.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team was called in at 7:45am, meaning that at least one person has died because of the shootings. Police have not said how many people were injured or killed.

Police are asking that people continue to stay out of the following areas:

  • 200th Street and Langley Bypass
  • Parking lot of Cascades Casino located at Fraser Highway and 204 Street
  • Langley Bus Loop located a Logan Avenue and Glover Road

Langley’s 200th Street continues to be closed in both directions between Willowbrook Drive and the Langley Bypass. Just before 6am, there were at least four police cars at the intersection of 200th Street and Highway 10. At least two police cars remain on scene in that location.

Both CBC and Global have reported a police car with bullet holes in it at the Willowbrook Mall parking lot.

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