Thursday - February 8, 2024 - Glass Recycling

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Good morning!

I have historically never been good at keeping houseplants alive. But for the last few months, I have had absolutely astounding success with two big monstera plants (otherwise known as swiss-cheese plants, because of the holes in their leaves). My last roommate gave them to me when she split up an even bigger plant, and plunked the new plant-babies in big clear jars with just water—no dirt. All I have to do is add more water when the jars run out.

It has made me realize the most likely reason why I couldn’t keep other houseplants alive.

– Grace

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Glass recycling might finally
be coming to Abbotsford

If you think about recycling your glass jars, you probably live in Abbotsford.

If you’re in Chilliwack, Mission, or Langley, there’s not much thought that goes into your average empty spaghetti sauce jar. You rinse it out, put it in a box, and stick that box on the side of the road every couple of weeks. But if you live in Abbotsford, you have to drive the glass to a recycling depot. Or you just grit your teeth and throw the glass away.


Need to Know

🌷 The Botanica Tulip Festival is returning to Chilliwack in the spring; an opening date will be announced soon [Georgia Straight]

👉️ Chilliwack has picked a preliminary design for the pedestrian bridge over Hope Slough [Chilliwack Progress] / We reported on options for the bridge’s redesign last November [FVC]

📚️ The Fort Langley library is bidding farewell to its home in the community hall [Langley Advance Times]

🦆 Environmental groups are celebrating a court ruling that they say will help protect migratory birds [CBC]

🏗️ UFV has started construction on a new 400-bed student housing building [Abbotsford News]

👵 BC’s retiring senior’s advocate spoke at the Langley Senior’s Resource Centre last week [Langley Advance Times]

🚤 Mission’s Search and Rescue team got funding for a new jet boat [Mission Record]

🧂 University of Washington scientists said a salty little lake in BC’s interior could point to the origins of life on earth [CBC]

➡️ Chilliwack’s mayor called new provincial legislation that bans public hearings for some development a “disservice” to Chilliwack [Fraser Valley Today]

🚛 An Aldergrove trucking company is suing the province after it was banned for repeatedly crashing into overpasses [Langley Advance Times] / The Premier quipped that he hoped they didn’t run into a bridge on the way to court [Global]

➡️ A pair of pedestrians were hit in two accidents on the same street in Abbotsford [Abbotsford News]

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The Agenda

The last buildings in District 1881 have been approved. 📷️ Tyler Olsen

Last District 1881 buildings get go-ahead

Chilliwack council gave the green-light Monday for the construction of the final two buildings in its downtown District 1881 development.

A new five-storey building fronting Yale Road will include 32 apartments and commercial units on the ground floor. A second building, with three townhomes, will be built just south of the structure.

The two buildings will be constructed on the north end of a lot currently used as commercial parking and to store building materials for the nearby development. 

To accommodate more parking demand in the area, the city has bought several nearby properties for itself to create lots for cars.

The new apartment building includes a massive wall with no windows because of the proximity to a neighbouring lot and fire code provisions. A mural will eventually be painted on the side of the wall in 2026, council was told.

🗓 Things to do this week/end

🛼 Roller derby: NWO Roller Derby’s house teams, Purple Reign and Mixed Track, will play a Valentine’s Day scrimmage at Chilliwack Landing Sport Centre on Sunday, Feb. 11. Details online.

🦢 Nature walk: Join a free guided nature walk about winter waterfowl at the Chilliwack Blue Heron Nature Reserve on Saturday, Feb. 10. Details online.

😂 Comedy show: The Bad Apples Comedy tour will play a show at the 14th Avenue Pub in Mission on Saturday, Feb. 10. Details online.

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