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While reading Grace’s piece about Chilliwack’s traffic-calming revisit in yesterday’s Agenda section, I clicked on a link and learned that while speed humps were still going to be banned, “traffic buttons” would not. These traffic buttons are little mini-roundabouts, like those found in my old Chilliwack neighbourhood. I was aghast because I had just assumed that city planners would have realized that this intersection design, while effective at slowing traffic, was a nightmare for anyone actually walking on one of the roads. At least they are in my old neighbourhood, where they are placed on roads without sidewalks. If you’re walking near a button—especially if you have a dog or a kid—and see a vehicle approaching the junction, you need to flee onto someone’s yard to let the car navigate the roadway. Traffic-calming is normally a good thing. But a little bit of common sense is required. Hopefully any new buttons come with sidewalks attached.

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Traffic & Weather

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The art of being a Fanatic

For Zach Meisenheimer and other members of the Fraser Valley Fanatics, cheering on Vancouver FC is only one part of what it means to be a supporter. 📷 Fraser Valley Fanatics

They are the diehard fans. The ones waving flags and singing songs; those who shape their weekend plans and family moments around watching soccer; those who are with their team through thick and thin.

Across the globe, you can find them packed into the far end of stadiums large and small, standing all game and providing the boisterous community atmosphere for which soccer games are known. (And which has made television shows like Ted Lasso and Welcome to Wrexham global hits.) And last April, you could find them at Willoughby Community Stadium in Langley, hoisting a huge Star Wars-themed banner to a professional team that had never once played an hour of league soccer.

It was a lot of passion for a club that was brand new. So much so that one might wonder: just who are these people who would invest so much passion, time, and energy in support of a brand new team?

But you’d be missing something. Because as much as those supporters were there to cheer on their new team, they were also there to cheer on soccer, Canada, and the notion of fandom itself.


Need to Know

🥚 A thief was caught on camera making off with six extra flats of eggs from a self-serve store [Fraser Valley Today]

⚖ A prisoner was sentenced for a razor-blade attack on another inmate in an Abbotsford prison [Abbotsford News]

💰 A Langley man won $1 million in the lottery [Langley Advance Times]

🚧 A Chilliwack road was closed when an excavator struck a gas line [Chilliwack Progress]

🖋 Trinity Western University faculty signed their first collective agreement [Langley Advance Times]

👍 A Chilliwack man has been located after being reported missing earlier this week [Chilliwack RCMP]

🐝 A Langley expert says mowing your grass every other week can lead to more dandelions, which is good ‘bee food’ [Aldergrove Star] / You can read our story on a Chilliwack bee-lover here [FVC]

🌌 Scientists say more auroras are likely over the coming months [Nature]

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Welcome to AQUA on the water in New West

The modern suites include 8,000 SQFT of amenities, stunning views, easy access to shopping, and the Skytrain all at your doorstep. Life at AQUA is more than just living; it's about being part of a community with Resident events like yoga classes and game nights. Did we mention we are pet-friendly?

The Agenda

Click the image to see a larger rendering of the proposed development. 🗺 Google/City of Mission

New highway development would be denser than rejected plan

After Mission council rejected a Lougheed Highway development last year because it lacked retail spaces, a new plan for an even denser project has been submitted to city hall. But it’s unclear if it will meet a fate similar to its predecessor.

Last spring, council unanimously rejected a plan to construct a 40-unit apartment building and 60-unit townhouse complex near Hatzic Lake. Councillors also took issue with the density of the project.

The new plan would see even more housing, with up to 160 units in a handful of townhomes and three apartment buildings. The apartment buildings would include retail space on the ground floor, satisfying council’s complaint about the lack of commercial space.

Staff had recommended that council give a necessary Official Community Plan amendment first reading in order to kickstart a referral process. But in a rare move, the item was yanked from the agenda for Mission’s council meeting last week. A city spokesperson said it was removed from the agenda at the developer’s request.

Abbotsford school district hires two dozen uncertified teachers

Two dozen uncertified teachers have been filling vacancies in Abbotsford schools since February, according to a staff report presented to Abbotsford’s school board last night.

The teachers were hired to cover instances when certified on-call teachers couldn’t meet the demand for substitutes. The report, from superintendent Sean Nosek, said the uncertified teachers were “ chosen from a pool of 138 candidates and were subsequently provided training to prepare them for supervising students and facilitating classroom instruction.”

Nosek writes that “most, if not all” of the recruits want to become certified. Twenty-eight different teachers have filled in 635 times since February. The feedback, Nosek said, “has been tremendously positive.”

Last year, the Chilliwack School District hired uncertified teachers to watch classes. That move was described by Chilliwack Teachers Association president Danielle Bennett as unprecedented in a large BC district. Bennett said uncertified teachers didn’t have the training “to maintain the education services that our students deserve.”


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