It's still in pieces, but a new Lytton house heralds hope

The arrival of Michele Swan's pre-fabricated, still-to-be-built home triggered an outpouring of emotion from residents

Michele Swan is going home.

Last week, a semi truck rolled into Lytton and unloaded her house.

Yes, the house was still mostly just lumber. It will take some time to piece together and assemble. A foundation still needs to be poured. But the arrival of just house pieces in town triggered an outpouring of emotion both from Swan and other community members when she posted a photo online.

Putting the pieces back together

After the 2021 fire that burned down their home in Lytton, Swan and her husband Richard took refuge in Kamloops, then found a long-term place to rent down Highway 1 in Ashcroft.

Swan has a one word description for the last two-and-a-half years since the fire: hell.

“It just feels like we did two steps forwards and four steps back,” she said. “It was hard to get too excited about anything because it always seemed like something else came up.”

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