Meet your local frog neighbours—and invaders

The many frog varieties croaking in Fraser Valley backyards, how to identify them, and who to call when you figure out what that noise is.

For a version of this story that allows you to hear the sounds of each frog, click here.

It’s dark, and stars are dimly shining above the mountains. You’re outside with a warm summer breeze tickling the leaves. What do you hear?

If there is a pond or wetland a kilometre away—and in the Fraser Valley there often is—you might hear the low foghorn call of a bullfrog. If the pond is closer, you might hear the sound of a plucked rubber band coming from an adult green frog, or the cricket-like ribbit of a Northern Pacific treefrog. If you’re particularly lucky, you may hear the stuttering call of the red-legged frog or even the rapid staccato of the Oregon spotted frog.

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