The Fraser Valley’s top spots for each federal party

We know the Conservatives held onto the valley, and the NDP made inroads in Chilliwack. But what happened at the neighbourhood-level in the 2021 election?

By Grace Kennedy | July 21, 2022 |5:00 am

The Fraser Valley is still a strongly Conservative region. The NDP are making inroads in Chilliwack. The People’s Party of Canada saw gains in many communities. But what party did best in which Fraser Valley neighbourhood?

Last month, we took you through changes in how the Fraser Valley voted between the 2019 federal election and the 2021 election. Now, we explore the top polling stations in each riding for the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, Greens, and PPC.

Cloverdale-Langley City

The top polling stations in Langley City for each of the four parties that ran in that riding are concentrated in the core, other than the NDP stronghold, which is closer to Surrey. 📸 Grace Kennedy

Liberal: 47.8%

In the heart of downtown Langley, roughly near Douglas Park, the Liberals found their greatest City of Langley support. Their share of votes had actually increased from the 2019 election—but it wasn’t close to the highest vote share for John Aldag. There were 24 polling stations in the Surrey part of the riding where the Liberals did even better. The highest Liberal polling station in Cloverdale-Langley City received 64% of the vote.

Conservative: 53.3%

Close to the top Liberal polling station, the Conservatives found their strongest City of Langley support in a polling station near City Park. This polling station was only the second-highest Conservative neighbourhood in the riding; the highest was in Surrey, at 57%.

NDP: 37.1%

The NDP’s strongest support came from a neighbourhood near the Willowbrook Mall, which increased their vote share by nearly half from two years ago.

Green: N/A

There were no Green candidates in the Cloverdale-Langley City riding in the 2021 federal election.

PPC: 33%

Just off 200 Street and Michaud Crescent, the PPC not only had its strongest support in Cloverdale-Langley City and, indeed, the entire Fraser Valley. One-third of all voters supported the PPC, though they were still narrowly beaten by the Conservatives. The PPC increased its support 17-fold from 2019.


The best polling stations for Langley-Aldergrove’s left-leaning parties were concentrated in the Aldergrove area, which the right-leaning parties were further west. 📸 Grace Kennedy

Liberal: 47.3%

Technically in West Abbotsford, the Liberals found their strongest Langley-Aldergrove support in the polling station off Lefeuvre Road. Their vote share increased by a quarter in that neighbourhood.

Conservative: 62.5%

The Conservatives strongest support in Langley-Aldergrove was centred in the western part of the riding, near Campbell Valley Regional Park. Although Conservative votes declined overall in the valley, this polling station experienced a very small increase from 2019.

NDP: 38.1%

Aldergrove was a left-wing stronghold in Langley-Aldergrove. The NDP had its strongest support near 32 Avenue and Station Road, where the party received 38% of the vote.

Green: 8.3%

Aldergrove was also home to the strongest Green Party support, although it was by no means comparable to the major federal parties. The area near Fraser Highway and 272 Street saw roughly 8% of the vote go to the Greens.

PPC: 11%

While the PPC gained nearly one-third of the vote in its top polling station in Cloverdale-Langley City, it only got 11% in its top area in nearby Langley-Aldergrove.

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Abbotsford’s top polling stations for each party are scattered across the riding, although the Liberals are located close to the best Liberal turnout in all of the valley. 📸 Grace Kennedy

Liberal: 56.5%

Liberal support in Abbotsford was concentrated in the northwestern part of the city, and the party’s top polling station is in that same area. Located near Highstreet Shopping Centre, this area had increased its Liberal support by 44% from 2019.

Conservative: 69.7%

Down by the border, the community of Arnold and surrounding farmland is the most Conservative spot in Abbotsford. But unlike every other party’s top polling station in the riding, the Conservatives actually saw a decrease in their vote share for this area from 2019. The proportion of Conservative votes decreased slightly, while PPC, NDP, and Liberal votes all went up in this polling station.

NDP: 36%

Abbotsford’s most NDP neighbourhood is located just across Highway 1 from the University of the Fraser Valley. Just over one-third of ballots were cast for the party.

Green: 10.7%

Located just up Sumas Mountain near the Whatcom Road exit is Abbotsford’s Greenest neighbourhood. There, the Greens secured nearly 11% of the vote—a significant increase from 2019, although still a small proportion of the total vote.

PPC: 16.3%

Situated between the NDP and Green strongholds, the PPC had their greatest support in a neighbourhood located between Delair Road and Marshall Road.

Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon

The top polling stations in the Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon riding were largely not located in the valley. Those that were centred around Abbotsford and Mission. 📸 Grace Kennedy

Liberal: 62.3%

Although the Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon riding spans from Abbotsford to Ashcroft, the polling station with the highest Liberal vote was actually located right next to the riding border, in Abbotsford’s Townline Hill neighbourhood. It was only a few streets north of Abbotsford’s most Liberal polling station. The Liberal vote share more than doubled from 2019.

Conservative: 63.8%

The most Conservative polling station in the Fraser Valley part of the riding was located in the Mt. Lehman area, and extended over to Matsqui Island. The Conservative vote share actually declined by 10% from 2019 in this area. (The massive riding’s most Conservative polling station was in Walhachin, east of Ashcroft on the Thompson River.)

NDP: 43%

Downtown Mission was an NDP stronghold in the Fraser Valley part of Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon. The polling station is actually the sixth highest in the riding, with the other polling stations located north of Boston Bar. Lytton was the best spot for the NDP, at 68%.

Green: 11.2%

The Greens found their strongest valley support in Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon in rural areas just to the west of Mission. The Green support actually declined slightly from 2019, although the party still did better here than anywhere else in the valley. The party did even better in a half-dozen ridings outside of the Fraser Valley. (The highest was in Gold Bridge, at 32%.)

PPC: 14.5%

The People’s Party of Canada found its strongest support on the other side of Mission, in the area including Deroche and Lake Errock.


The federal parties can count some of their best polling stations as being in the Chilliwack-Hope riding. The Conservatives and the NDP both had their best showings here. 📸 Grace Kennedy

Liberal: 34.9%

Chilliwack-Hope’s most Liberal polling station was on the Kwawkwawapilt reserve, located just west of Ashwell Road, where the party gained more than a third of the vote.

Conservative: 74.4%

The farmland in eastern Chilliwack, roughly between Prest Road and Annis Road, was the most Conservative area in the entire Fraser Valley. The Conservatives received nearly three-quarters of the vote there, although their vote share went down 2% from 2019.

NDP: 50%

The NDP gained significant support in many Chilliwack-Hope areas for the 2021 election. The strongest support came from the Garrison community near Tyson Road and Keith Wilson Road. There, the NDP claimed half of all votes, up 54% from 2019. This was the highest vote share for the NDP in the Fraser Valley.

Green: 9.9%

In downtown Hope, the Green Party saw its strongest support in the riding. The party had nearly 10% of the vote there, although it was down from 2019.

PPC: 16.8%

Downtown Chilliwack, near First Avenue and Young Road, was the PPC’s strongest neighbourhood in the Chilliwack-Hope riding. There the party received almost 17% of the vote.

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Grace Kennedy

Reporter at Fraser Valley Current

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