The most dangerous roads in the Fraser Valley

Highway 1 may be the Fraser Valley's accident hot spot, but other roads also saw significant crashes in 2020

By Grace Kennedy | July 2, 2021 |1:36 pm

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Of the more than 9,000 individual car crashes in the Fraser Valley last year, more than a quarter came from just 4 corridors.

While the Fraser Valley’s accident hot spot was Highway 1, with nearly 3 accidents a day, new data from ICBC shows which other roads saw large numbers of accidents. The busiest in the valley included 200 Street, Fraser Highway, South Fraser Way, and Clearbrook Road. But many other roads in town also saw heavy accidents, including some in otherwise quiet communities.


Half of the 229 crashes in Mission came at just one intersection: the junction of Lougheed Highway and Highway 11. That spot had 113 crashes in 2020, 59 of which left at least 1 person injured. That is more than 4 times higher than the intersection with the next highest number of collisions, Lougheed Highway and Wren Street (28 crashes). In fact, if it wasn’t for Lougheed Highway, Mission would have experienced around the same number of crashes as the much-smaller Hope, which had 87 accidents in 2020.

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Abbotsford experienced more than 3,100 traffic accidents in 2020—and nearly 40% of those came from just 3 roads. The most accident-prone of those was South Fraser Way, with 399 crashes. But both Clearbrook Road and Fraser Highway also had a significant number of crashes, with 388 and 369 respectively. Other cross-town arteries with a high number of accidents include: Marshall Road (299), McCallum Road (267), and Maclure Road (266). King Road had 122 incidents in 2020. Of those, nearly half took place at the roundabout linking it with McCallum Road and the highway.


Abbotsford may have been busier than Chilliwack, but no route in those communities saw as many crashes as the Vedder-Yale corridor. In 2020, Vedder Road had 355 crashes along its length from Sardis to the highway, while Yale Road had 336 crashes through downtown Chilliwack and out to Rosedale. Each of those was more than triple the number of collisions on the next most accident-prone roads in Chilliwack: Evans Road (115), Luckakuck Way (112), Young Street (112), and Promontory Road (105). Teskey Way, the other significant road out of Promontory, only had 29 crashes last year.


Even the most accident-heavy roads east of Langley had fewer than 400 crashes last year. In Langley, the worst roads had double that number. Langley’s 200th Street had 984 collisions last year, most of which happened between Walnut Grove and Langley City. Fraser Highway had 589 incidents, while 264 Street had 466 and 88 Avenue had 347. Other roads with high totals include 56 Avenue (312), 208 Street (247), and Glover Road (225). In 2020, 55 crashes took place on the Golden Ears Bridge.

For a visual representation of the Fraser Valley’s most dangerous intersections, or to see data from the last 5 years, click here.

Grace Kennedy

Reporter at Fraser Valley Current

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